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Jaclyn schmitz

#1 of course

Deb Zumwalt

# 1 Absolutely Gorgeous!

Angie Haakenson

#1 is drop dead. LOVE IT!!

Amy Tinnin


mike avenevoli



#1 Love the pose.




I vote #1

shelley vallett

I am sure # 1 is the most photogenic of all. the photo captures all the Bridal Elements.


#1 gets my vote :) Who's that hottie? I gotta get me her digits :)

Krissy ONeal



# 1

Debby Cahrier

#1 Elegant. She is the epitome of a bride.

e. wheeler

#1 sweet smile

bonnye hartbeck

number 1



Phyllis Rohlmann

#4 - Beautiful!

Jerry and Maureen Avenevoli

Number the minimalism of the pearl necklace. Maybe one day her daughter, Elle will wear them on her wedding day. Stunning!!!

Tracy Ball

#4 - what a stunning photo and unique view of the dress!


# 1.....RADIANT!!!, absolutely "RADIANT"

Karen Nappier

$ 4 a beautiful picture.



Jennifer Werth

#4...what a great picture

Sharon Webber

#4 - beautiful bride, beautiful dress, beautiful picture!

Susan Riley

#4 - both elegant and beautiful!

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